Game Music Theory

So you guys can expect a new video either tonight or (more likely) tomorrow evening.
Surprise.  Backstreet’s back, y’all.
(Ok, I promise never to say that again)

So you guys can expect a new video either tonight or (more likely) tomorrow evening.

Surprise.  Backstreet’s back, y’all.

(Ok, I promise never to say that again)

Jul 3

Analysis:  Metalman’s Stage, Mega Man 2

Hey guys, new blog is up!  Finally getting back into more retro music with a quick glimpse at the Mega Man 2 OST  :)

Analysis - Song of Prayer - Spria

Hey guys!  Here’s some late night music theory for ya if you’re up to it :)  I hope you like full-sized, badass choirs because if you do, this is the track for you!

Hey guys!  I know things have been quiet over here for a little longer than I’m happy with, and for that I’d like to apologize, and make it up to you with a little contest!

Just tonight I started work on a RIDICULOUSLY hard transcription from a Final Fantasy game.  Like, CRAZY hard.  Very short tune, but also very hard.  The first person to guess what track I’m working on correctly will win a Steam sale game of my choosing!  :D

So get to work on your Final Fantasy OST knowledge, you guys!  :P

My attempt to quantify the enchanting music of Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett.

I swear, the next analysis will be from another studio xD  I’m simply enthralled by the music of Transistor though, in a way that a game soundtrack hasn’t grabbed my attention in a long time.  It’s fascinating.

Anyhoo, you’ll hear from me again this weekend about plans for the blog in the near future.  Look forward to it :)

Jun 6

Hey guys!  Doing some Friday night streaming over at if you’re interested in watching me play some Hearthstone!  If not, then take solace in the fact that there’ll be an update sometime this weekend!  :D

Soundtrack Review: Transistor

Here’s a quick soundtrack review of the Transistor OST. The short version is I loved it! I hope you guys like my thoughts and feel free to reach me on Twitter, Facebook or my Ask page here with your opinions and thoughts on the matter! :)

Vlog #3: Vacation Time! - YouTube

Hey guys! I’m in Chicago for the week, and since I’m removed from my PC that means no typical video content for a little longer. However, I will be doing my best to come up with some stuff to share with you guys this week, so check out the vlog to learn more!

Shoutouts to davidrussell323 for sending in the reader request for today’s vlog.  Going a little bit out of our usual scope today and investigating some cool music from the phenomenal score of Spirited Away!  I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Second vlog is officially UP!  Today we’re looking at a track I composed that is inspired by many of the qualities we discussed in the Twisted Streets analysis from last week.  I hope this vlog is informative for you budding composers out there who like the analysis posts but are wondering how you can use these to further your own writing, as that’s my main goal with this series.  I hope you all enjoy!  :)